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Christians of all ages recognize the heartbeat of God to take the Gospel to the nations and often wrestle with the implications of the Great Commission in their own lives....read more





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The Missionary Call explores the biblical, historical, and practical aspects of discerning and following God’s call to nations. Dr. Sills addresses common misconceptions about the missionary call while also answering key practical questions on the minds of those discerning a call to missions....read more


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Do all Christians have the missionary call?


How can you know whether you have the missionary call?


Is the missionary call a lifelong call?


How does being single impact the missionary call?


What should you do if your spouse does not share your sense of call?


How do you know where to serve?


What if you have debt?


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“The highest and best use of anyone’s life is to do exactly what God leads them to do in the places where He leads them to do it.”


"The Bible is perfectly clear. In the Gospel is power for salvation. Without it, no one can be saved. The nations must hear. Jesus has commanded us to reach and teach the lost with the Gospel. God has commanded us to go to the nations and proclaim the glory of Christ until they do, too. It falls to us to be senders or goers. Which are you?”


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“David Sills has addressed the single, burning issue in this, the greatest era of mission expansion in the history of the Christian Church. The Missionary Call presents a powerful, scripturally sound and convincing response for anyone considering a vocation in missions."


-Tom Elliff

President, International Mission Board


“Dr. Sills leads his readers through a methodical evaluation of the complexities of a missionary calling without being formulaic or unnecessarily mysterious. This book should be in the toolkit of anyone exploring a calling to cross-cultural ministry...”

- Bob Creson

President, Wycliffe Bible Translators


“If you’re serious about investing your life in what is important to God then this is a must read to ground you in the over arching purpose of God and how He planned on you fitting into that..."

-Larry Brown

Chairman/CEO, New Tribes Mission

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